About Us

Our Core Values & Mission

Our Vision

The largest innovative homoeopathic company in India by 2020.

Our Mission

To provide the finest quality and excellent service of homoeopathic medicines to its customers at affordable prices. Dr. RAJ is also dedicated towards awareness of Homoeopathy for the best of health & well-being of our community. Employees at all levels share a mutual respect for each other and also work as a team to accomplish this mission.

Our Values

Dr. RAJ is proud to be the part of global homoeopath's community and we continue our endless efforts to manufacture high quality remedies that would set a new standard for the best of health and well-being of people. The company has always centered around 5 core values as shown below:


At every step, we emphasis on product efficacy & safety by maintaining product quality starting from raw materials incoming inspection until finished goods. Our products pass through many stringent quality control processes.

Customer First

We take responsibility for delivering on our commitment and strive for continuous improvement to meet customer satisfaction.

Reliable & Consistent

We believes in transparent dealings while emphasis more on maintaining efficiency & discipline in all processes & system. We always aim to deliver new products to the market.

Research & Development

Our R&D and Quality Control Department are the backbone for our success. We challenge ourselves to perform clinical trials and upon success, we developed manufacturing & testing procedures to maintain the product efficacy and quality which is kept under constant review with feedback loop established from physicians to Dr.Raj.


We are committed to offer affordable remedies to our customers for the best of health and well-being.