Homoeopathic Consultancy

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Get advice from our qualified homeopaths or visit clinic.

Our homeopaths can give advice for self-limiting (acute) conditions by asking a few questions about the details of your symptoms and suggest the appropriate remedy best suited to help you. They are trained to refer you for further professional help if necessary.

For longer term (chronic) conditions an appointment can be made in our clinic for a more in depth approach which is necessary to get the best results with homeopathy. This involves a consultation with a practitioner to assess your case and find the most curative homeopathic medicine to suit your symptom.

If you live in the Ahmedabad (Gujarat)we have homeopath practitioners. The clinic Telephone number, for appointments only, is 079-26608501 or visit SHREEJI HOMOEO STORE 9,Cellar, Jaydeep Tower, Near Shreyas Crossing Paldi, Cellar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380007