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Pandhan Growth Hair Oil

Pandhan Growth Hair Oil

Hair Fall control & Hair Growth oil


An essential oil for revitalizing hair roots and ensures hair natural shine & encouraging hair growth.

A special anti breakage formula helps to prevent hair fall, dandruff, premature greying of hair, burning eyes, loss of sleep and keeps head cool.

₹ 120.00

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Brahmi 0.64ml H.P.I
Wiesbaden 0.43ml H.P.I
Calendula 0.64ml H.P.I
Amla, Amolki 0.86ml H.P.I
Jaborandi 1.07ml H.P.I
Arnica Montana 0.86ml H.P.I
Cantharis 0.64ml H.P.I
100ml ₹ 120.00

Massage on your scalp and hair, leave it at least 30 minutes.For best result leave it for overnight.


No interaction between Pandhan hair oil and other drugs are known.}}

Side Effects

No side effects of Pandhan hair oil are known.


No Contra-Indications of Pandhan hair oil are known.

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