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The journey with a vision "to serve" the community began 30 years ago, by Dr. RajLakshmi Joshi, when she started practicing as a homoeopath in Ahmedabad Gujarat, India. Even today, she provides her honorary services at no cost to a charitable trust Shree Vallabh Sadan Haveli - Vaishnav Temple in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. At the trust, she has been practicing homoeopathy since 25 years, which benefits the underprivileged with low cost homoeopathic medicines. Her persistent hard work and significant services to the community paid off in 10 years when she got recognized as one of the leading woman homoeopath in the metropolitan city.

She earned the recognition with her power to heal patients especially those suffering from primary sterility, secondary sterility, extreme depression, as well as autism. Dr. RajLakshmi believes in treating an individual as a 'Whole' (mind, body, and spirit), not just the disease. She shared similar vision with her husband Mr. Chandramauli Joshi and together in the year 1995, they founded today's one of the leading homoeopathic manufacturing companies in India, Dr. RAJ Homoeo Pharmacy. Founders' vision "to serve", is still one of the core values of Dr. RAJ. And, we still follow the belief of Dr. RajLakshmi that "a treatment includes empowering a person as a 'whole', and not just curing the disease".

Company Info

So as to deliver the good health and well-being in the community, and after many years of experience, research, and collaborations with the pharmaceutical experts, Dr. RAJ has been equipped to formulate accurate and effective remedies for wide range of ailments, bringing healing to the world. Since almost 25 years, we have been manufacturing finest quality and result oriented homoeopathic remedies. We give utmost importance to our product quality, efficacy, and safety, while maintaining products' healing properties enriched within them. We achieve our desired quality by standardizing production processes, being equipped with pharmaceutical grade machineries, and modern analytical technology. Dr. RAJ is a GMP certified and ISO 9001:2015 certified by TUV Nord. We take pride in our product and process quality. We confidently convey a message to all our customers, practitioners, or retail partners, to use our products with superior confidence.

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